Monday, September 16, 2013

Five Cool Wind Waker Glitches, Easter Eggs and Beta Content

With Wind Waker HD coming in 4 days in the Lim. Edition Deluxe Set, digital download and on Oct. 4th in a Speical Editon Gold Pack(and it being Admin's Rainbow first Zelda game), I wanted to do a short feature of ten glitches, hacks, and Easter eggs/beta content of the original Wind Waker that are either cool, funny, interesting or a combination of the three, in no particular order.

  1. Beta Content: Testing/Beta Rooms
Leftover in the code of the original Wind Waker are 55+ unused rooms- some testing, others beta. They cannot be acessed in the main game, but they can be accessed by hacking ingame/ROM hacking. Here are some videos of some of the test rooms.

2. Easter Egg: Majora's Masks
Once the Figurine Gallery is unlocked in Forest Haven, going to the front desk, using the Pictobox and looking at the left wall behind the desk will reveal 4 masks from Majora's Mask: The Keaton Mask, the Goron Mask, The All-Night Mask, and the Bunny Ears.
(picture and information is from

3. Glitch: Sliding Moblin
Not much to say here, I just find this glitch extremely funny.

4. Glitch: Pick up a Moblin + Enter Hyrule Field
A glitch that is exploitable (can be triggered) that utilizes the delay between a frozen Moblin shattering and it returning to a enemy. This allows Link to carry (read: slide around with) a Moblin. Same glitch allows (a slightly buggy) Hyrule Field to be accessed when done outside Hyrule Castle.

5. Beta Content: E3 2002 Title
Originally, Wind Waker's title screen was a remixed version of the A Link To The Past title screen. This was changed in the final version to a original track with traditional insturments. 

Well, that wraps up this little list from Admin Rainbow. If you wish to preorder the HD version of the game, head over here
and select 'Preorder'. Have a happy Rainy Season!

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