Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween Advent - 6th Day - Luigi's Mansion : Beta Elements

 ( Do not confuse with the creepypasta Luigi's Mansion Beta Disk )

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Okay, so we covered the final Luigi's Mansion already, but that doesn't exempt the beta of it from having some really creepy (and WEIRD) beta elements.

  • Originally, the game was timed (similar to Majora's Mask with the three day cycle), and you only had to a certain time in the morning in-game to complete the game. Otherwise, the game would show you a (slightly disturbing) cutscene and give you a Game Over.
  • The game was going to be in 3D (the Gamecube can actually render stereoscopic 3D) (i.e red and blue 3D) but the idea was scrapped due to the crystal need to render it would have costed more then then the Gamecube itself.
  • When first being developed the game was just a tech demo for the Gamecube, (What's odd about this is that the game was originally planned for the N64.) but then it was decided to become a fully-fledged game.
  • Many of the ghosts went through changes, some drastic- such as many of the Portrait Ghosts being missing, removed or changed- some minor, -the design of the Boos changed from the beta version from the final.

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