Friday, February 28, 2014

Say No to Boredom and Hello to Awesome Board Games!

1. King of Tokyo
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Why you should play it: Essentially Godzilla on steroids, you assume control of a monster and play “King of the Hill” against your friends to see who can hold Tokyo the longest. Add crazy power ups (poison tail, toxic cloud) and some excessively fun to roll huge dice and you have a game that can appeal to a large group of people without taxing them mentally.
Players: 2-6 (2-8 with expansion sets)
Difficulty: Easy
Who to play it with: Precocious nephews and nieces, your cousins who won’t leave their bedrooms.

Board Games that Suck and Some that Don't by Luke McKinney

Suggest playing a board game and someone will say, "More like BORED game!" and it's still illegal to kill them. That's how low board games have fallen: Even punners feel safe taking the piss.
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When a simple pun-ishment could cruci-fix their sense of humor.
Board games now offer more amazing locations and adventures in a box than the TARDIS, but many people still rank them lower on their entertainment options list than murder-suicide, because they've been trained to hate them by the six worst board games in history.

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