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The Hobbit-The Game-See What a Female Gamer Thinks of the New Game!

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Lego: The Hobbit
Developed by: Traveller's Tales
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Though the game is on multiple platforms, this review is for the PlayStation 4. 

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Lego seems to dip it's blocky claws into the main stream franchises, and people still play them, including me. I was a bit skeptical about this game, mostly because I haven't read The Hobbit, nor did I pay much attention to the movie the night I watched it, but this game has ignited a spark for me to jump on The Hobbit bandwagon. 
Players begin the game in the underground world of the dwarves. The environment is quite astounding. Lego has mixed real-ish graphics with the blocks that we have grown to love, giving the visual aspect of the game a nice touch. Players will be given a tutorial throughout the levels to help aid the characters through the level. I haven't played the game in single player mode, because Lego games are awesome for their two player buddy system style, and this game does not disappoint. 
There is a large amount of replay value to this game. For those that are familiar with the Lego games, they have kept true to the formula. Yes, players must go through the worlds via FreePlay mode with characters that have certain powers for certain missions. 
Unlike other Lego games that I have played, and I haven't played them all, but to me, the new experience is the mini games that are throughout the game. One has to have quick reflexes in order to obtain higher money rewards while building items. Players collect treasures which aid in forging items that are useful for the levels. Sometimes, the levels are quite frustrating, but well worth the play. 
The Hobbit seems to be more open-world during various parts of the game. For example, in Hobbiton, players can run around collecting money, breaking items, gathering pieces for inventory, or even aid other hobbits in side quests. Once the player is ready to progress to the next section of the actual game, light blue coinage dots lead the way to the next main storyline. 
The cutscenes are rather long because Lego characters actually speak. I sort of miss the grunting and "I don't know" sound effects of previous Lego games. They added a slight comical relief to the game. 
Battle scenes are quite chaotic. There is so much going on in the world around the characters, that it almost becomes a distraction. Players can find themselves in a panic trying to figure out which character they are playing. Sadly, that happened to me. I was more enthralled with the activities going on around me than actually contributing to the fight. The trolls were the highlight of the fight scene. They were adorned with boxers that had hearts on them. I tried to find a picture, but I didn't, so you'll have to play the game to see them for yourself. 
There is plenty to do in The Hobbit, so replay value is high, extremely high. 
Sound effects are amazing, as is the voice acting. 
It's definitely worth playing. 

I give it 8 Rocking Stars out of 10!

You can purchase a copy here or here

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