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Fus Roh Da Sayeth the Dovakin


Hello Gamers! I've been putting off this review for awhile because I want it to be perfect. Today, I am going to review the fifth installment from Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim. This review is for the Xbox 360. I haven't played it on the PS3, but from what I was told, and what I've seen, it was very glitchy. PC is also an option, and I hear the mods are fantastic.

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I know that it's been out for awhile (11-11-11), but Games That Rock hasn't reviewed this phenomenal game yet. I remember the eve that it was released. I, like so many other gamers, found my way in front of GameStop with my proof of purchase receipt. The night was cold. The walk was long, but the anticipation of holding Skyrim in my hand was magnificent. I stood in the long line of other anxious gamers and awaited the midnight release. The manager at the particular GameStop that I was at handed out candy and Skyrim dragon stickers. Yours truly received the very last sticker in her hand. Finally, the moment of truth had arrived. I had the greatest game that was ever made, aside from Final Fantasy VII, in my adventurous hand. *A moment of silence for this spectacular event is called for*
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With Skyrim in my hand, I practically ran home to play it. This was the time before we had to install the game, (thanks a lot generation 8 consoles) and I began to play. From the first moment I stepped into Skyrim, I was in LOVE. Yes, LOVE. Not love, but LOVE. I think you got the point now. If you don't, then go out and get a copy of this GEM.

Now, on to the review....

Ah, Skyrim, the beautiful snowy mountain, province of Tamreil. You start off in First Person on a wagon being led to your execution. When it's your time to die, you called to the guard and character creation begins. Players can choose from several races, I myself, pick the Khajit race. They are known for their stealth and wicked sneak ability. Plus, they are the kitty race. One can be human, elf, dark elf, argonian (reptile race), Breton, and a few more. Players can customize the look of their characters as well. After the character is created, players choose the name and the game continues. As your character is thrown on the execution slab, to be beheaded, a dragon sweeps through the air and sets the city ablaze. People begin fleeing the dragon's wrath. Your character follows a man to safety in which the character gets its first weapon. As you muddle through the small dungeon with your new companion, you learn how to fight, look for potions, and unlock locks to get more treasures. You can switch to Third Person POV is First Person isn't your forte.

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Eventually, the player breaks away from the companion and sets out to begin the main storyline. Upon breaking away from the companion, your character finds shrines that give special abilities, depending on which class you choose. I always go for thief. I love playing an assassin/thief.

I can honestly say that I have never beaten the original story mode of the game. Skyrim is very open-ended. I always stray from the storyline after I see the GreyBeards. It is then that the player learns that he or she is a Dovakin, or in English, DragonBorn. After players slay dragons and visit the GreyBeards, players are able to absorb the souls and shouts of slain dragons. Dragon shouts are awesome, especially if you play Skyrim on the Xbox 360 because you can actually say the shout to the Kinect. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but it's fun to yell the shouts out, especially if you want to creep out your neighbors.

There are many missions that you play through. People do play the main storyline, but it isn't very long. I myself, prefer to run around and explore the vast country. There are trolls, frostbite spiders, witches, mages, sabrecats, wolves, vampires, werewolves, and of course, dragons. There are other enemies for you to slay as well. Ruins are a great place to attack thieves and steal their treasures. Players can be "good" or "bad". If you choose to be bad, just be prepared for guards to attack you when you enter the holds/cities. Most of the items that you find, you can take to cities to sell them for gold.
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Players can also cook, hunt, work on skills, and forge weapons and armor. Alchemy is also something that players can dabble in, but be warned, if you don't have a high level of spellcraft, dire consequences can follow.

Players can become the head of the thieves guild, head honcho at the College of Winterhold, study to be a bard, and become an assassin. My favorite was The Nightingale Missions. The rewards from that makes any thief/assassin sneaky as hell.

There are also three DLC sets that players can purchase to add more skills, housing, achievements, and characters to the original game. Hearthfire, Dragonborn, and Dawnguard. There was going to be another DLC, but Bethesda scrapped it to focus on Elder Scrolls Online. *CURSE YOU BETHESDA* Not really, but it hurt my feelings. I wanted to cry when I clicked on that fateful email and found out the horrible news.

So, if you are into adventure, hours upon hours of game play, dragons, and learning the language of Dovakin, then Skyrim is the game for you. Even if you don't like that stuff, you should still check it out. I must admit, the game can get tedious from time to time, but it's still ROCKS!!!

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The graphics are freaking amazing. The soundtrack is stunning. The voice acting is pretty good too. As much as I love the tale of the guards taking an arrow to the knee, that line gets overused. Sound FX are spot on. Controls are superb. The inventory is also easy to navigate. The map is huge, so after a player discovers a spot, he or she can fast travel to that location. The game also keeps quests and missions organized so that you can see what you need to do, or what you've alread completed.

I give this game a 9.5/10 ROCKIN' STARS!!!!!!

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