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Throwback to Retro Thursday



Gaming Queen coming at ya with a TBT, because, well, why not? Oh yeah, RETRO IS SEXY!!! Let me take you on a little flashback to one of my favorite games. The year is 1991. *insert flashback warp here*
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was the system to have. It had 16 bit graphics, making it twice as good as its predecessor and all the more fun. Not to mention, it was my favorite console of that time. 
UN Squadron was released in the US in September of '91. In Japan, it is known as Area 81 and based on a manga series, of the same name. 
UN Squadron is a side-scrolling shooting game for two players, though I only ever played it as single player. Players get to choose between three skilled pilots; Mickey Simon, Greg Gates, and Shin Kazama. 

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Though each character has his perks, I was always Greg Gates. Why? Because that man could take more damage than the other two, and that is extremely important in this game. This is one of the hardest games I have ever played in my gaming life! Believe me, I have played many games, but this game...DAMN man!!! 

Players fly through various stages shooting enemies and eventually facing the boss of the level. Plane upgrades and weapons can be purchased with the money earned after completion of a level. It is essential to memorize enemy plane maneuvers during levels, and it's very easy to do, especially since they never change. 

I look like Elrond

The picture above shows the first wave of levels you can play. As you upgrade and defeat levels, the shadowed area becomes playable. Once all of those are beat, players open a wave of levels, so replay value is very high. Sadly, this is the only game on the SNES that I have not beat. I have tried many times. This game didn't have the save feature, so once you died, you had to start completely over. If memory serves me correctly, I believe that after the first screen is cleared, players can save once. 

I give this retro game a PERFECT SCORE!!! It's just that awesome! 

For those that want to try it out, you can get it cheaply on ebay, or you can get it as a ROM with a SNES emulator to play on your PC. There is also an arcade version of the game, and it is just as fun if not better than the console version. 

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