Friday, May 1, 2015


Hello Gamers!! Gaming Queen here with another segment of FLASHBACK FRIDAY! Today, my minion from Front Porch Gaming has a special treat for you! This game brings out my innner BEASTMODE!!! Here it is, without further adieu, GALAGA!!!

    Competition.  The term evokes images of sports and the competitive athletes who strive to be the best and take out the opposing team or rival.  These images can extend to the world of video games as well.  My family and I have a long running competition trying to one-up each other over today's flashback game.  This game is the sequel to the very successful 1979 arcade classic, Galaxian.  Released in 1981, Galaga improves on Galaxian in every way.  Galaga turned out to be a very successful arcade game as well.  Galaga has also been ported to several consoles all over the world.  There have also been great remakes and spin offs, such as Galaga '88 for the TurboGrafx 16 system.  This is a game that just breeds competition amongst friends, family, and strangers.

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     The premise of the game is to shoot down aliens that fly in to create a formation before every wave.  Once the aliens get lined up, they start coming down and attacking in formations and singles.  They shoot rather large bombs that kill the players ship in one hit.  Collisions with any of the aliens also kills the player's ship.  The player shoots up at the invaders and can move back and forth across the bottom of the screen.  Unlike its predecessor, Galaxian, the player's ship can shoot more than one bullet at a time. Every third stage, there is a challenging stage where the aliens fly in tight formations and the player is tasked with shooting as many as possible as the formations fly through the screen. The points pile up while shooting away at screen after screen of these alien ships.  Herein lies the competition factor.

      This game is very easy and very hard at the same time.  It's easy to get the gameplay mechanic down, but the difficulty is very steep and only gets harder as the stages progress.  The replay value of this game is very high because of this.  The game is very colorful and has great sound effects for a game of this era.
    Currently my wife has the household record for Galaga, but her days are numbered.  This is one of those classic games that brings out the competitive spirit in everyone.  I highly recommend this game to any style of gamer.  Pick up a copy for the Nintendo Entertainment System, because an arcade cabinet will set you back quite a bit. Enjoy and game on!


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