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Sega's Sonic 2 Review


Hello Gamers!!! Gaming QUEEN here! Guess what today is?!? *the answer is above you* Yup, it's FLASHBACK Friday!!! Today, you will be whisked off to the fabulous year of 1992. *Ah, the 90's*
My RETRO minion has a special review for you today:

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Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Developed by Sonic Team. Published by *singsong style* SEGA. It also happens to be the second best selling game on the Genesis at over SIX million copies!

Sonic 2 Review

      Sonic the Hedgehog has grown to become a gaming ICON.  He has graced dozens of games, shirts, cartoon shows, toy lines, et al.  He has become a force in the gaming world just like the rotund Italian plumber he was created to compete against.  Sonic's first foray into gaming came on the Sega Master System to little fanfare.  Eventually, this game was ported to the brand new Sega Mega Drive or Genesis in North America.  Sonic 2 helped place Sega as the top video game company in the world for a while and created a huge demand for more games like Sonic.


In late 1992, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 released in all regions.  It was received with great praise and excitement.  Many were happy to see the game come to market as a sequel, that did little to change the wonderful gameplay that the first title was known for.  In this iteration, Sonic is still trying to stop the evil Robotnik from stealing Chaos Emeralds.  This time around though, he has help from his little, brilliant fox friend, Miles “Tails” Prower.  In gameplay, Tails tags along behind Sonic whilst running and jumping through the stages.  The game even allows for two player fun with the second player having command of the young fox.

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This is a very colorful game with nice backgrounds, and the nice animations for Sonic and Tails look amazing for a 16-bit system.  The sound quality is great and matches each stage, setting a mood appropriate to the level content.  As usual, this game is fast and almost feels, at times, that the player has little to no control over the game once Sonic gets to top speeds.  The game is reasonably difficult as the fast pace makes it hard to see enemies one comes up on whilst running and jumping.  Sonic has to collect rings throughout the level to ensure his health.  Every time he touches an enemy, a huge cloud of rings bursts forth from him.  The player must try to recollect these rings, but it never fails that they are mostly all lost.  As long as Sonic has just one ring in his possession, he is safe from the dreaded GAME OVER!!! That is SO frustrating!!! X__X


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 sold well over 6 million copies and became a great piece of ammunition for Sega in the 16-bit wars against Nintendo's Super NES and NEC's TurboGRafx 16.  Obviously, since the nineties, Sonic has gone on to be a household name in gaming.  Though he no longer has a home console, he has been ported to countless other systems, even Nintendo machines!  Sonic 2 is a must play for retro gaming fans and for lovers of 16-bit beauty!

We give this game 9/10 ROCKIN' STARS!!!!!

As the saying goes, GET TO GAMING!!!! 

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