Thursday, June 18, 2015

Operation TBT

Hello Gamers! Gaming Queen here.
Today, for #TBT, I am going to review a classic game.

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Does anyone remember Operation? You know, it had that creepy looking, red-nosed, naked man, with the horrible hair on the operation table, and you had to use roach clips to pull out various parts of his insides. I was always partial to the Adam's Apple. It also had that annoying buzzer that would sound off if you touched the metal sides...most of the time, it would scare the crap out of me. I would jump! Don't laugh, I'm sure you did too. At least I can admit it. *Hangs head in embarrassment* I was just a kid! Though the time I played it at a party, in my young adult year, the damn thing still scared me. Ha!

Did you know that there's A Nightmare Before Christmas version too? That's right. Instead of the creepy guy, you get to operate on Oogie Boogie! How AWESOME is that? As the surgeon, you'll be able to remove; snake eyes, flu bug, spider veins, snake bite, crawly flesh--EWWW--, split-a-seam, club foot, lock-jaw, fingers crossed, scorpion sting, dizzy spell, and bat got your tongue! Clever and gross!!! But, what do you expect from Oogie Boogie??

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There are several other characters you can get too; Spongebob Squarepants, Homer Simpson, and even R2D2. I wish I had those options when I was younger...I think it would have left me unscarred.

I give this game, and all it's creepiness 8 outta 10 ROCKIN' stars.

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