Friday, January 22, 2016

May The Force Be With You


Hello Gamers!!! Here's a Special Treat for you!!!

Today, I thought that we would review a classic game for all you Star Wars enthusiasts. I know you're out there....(Insert Star Wars opening theme song here).

Star Wars Arcade 32X

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The now defunct and defamed studio, Lucasarts has been known to create wonderful games over the last few years. They stretch from not just the Star Wars games, but also games like the Secret of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. These classics define the best of what Lucasarts created, before they shut down. Thanks Disney!!

One of the lesser known, but still excellent game, created by Lucasarts and published by Sega, is the Star Wars arcade game for the Sega 32X, released in 1994.

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      The game puts the player into the cockpit of an X-Wing to relive some of the space battles from the first film. There are 5-6 levels of shooting down Tie Fighters and skimming the trench to destroy the Death Star. Of course, there is also the typical and great John Williams digitized soundtrack that suits the game well. The graphics are not too bad for the time, I was impressed when I first saw them in 1995. The game plays very well. The pilot is offered either a first or third person view to shoot down Tie Fighters. There are also options for two player action with one pilot and one gunner. This is very fun for those who enjoy co-op gameplay. Another nice feature is the inclusion of the 32X mode, which offers an extra level to play above and beyond the arcade level.

The only anachronism is the inclusion of Admiral Ackbar as your commander and person who leads the player into battle. He didn't show up until Episode VI!! There are nice FMV (Full Motion Video) scenes placed throughout the game to help tie the movie into the game, a nice touch to complete the package.

  I know that many poo-poo the 32X, but this game definitely shines through as easily one of the best for this add-on. It really shows what the 32X is, or rather was, capable of, and it delivers in the fun department, the most important.

This is a wonderful and fun game. Any Star Wars fan, or non-fan, should enjoy this space shooter. It plays very well and offers a great amount of challenge for any would-be rebel pilot.

 We give this game a 9/10 Rockin' Stars!!!

Now, get to gaming!! Tell us what your favorite old school game is in the comments below.


  1. I loved this game with the joy stick lightsaberfight! Vador always liked my ass lol

  2. I loved this game with the joy stick lightsaberfight! Vador always liked my ass lol


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