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Heartless Keyblades Part One

Hello Gamers!!! I hope everyone is doing well!!!
Gaming Queen here, and I have decided to review an AWESOME PS2 game!!! It's truly one of my all time favorites. I have so many all time favorites.

Today's review is going to be one of the GREATEST Action RPGs ever!!! Any guesses? No? Alright, I'll tell you. Kingdom Hearts by Disney Interactive and Square. It was released in March of 2002.

Kingdom Hearts takes two of my favorite things and combines them together to get one helluva great game! Since it is a long game, with a lot to cover, this will be a Kingdom Hearts Series of reviews. So enjoy part one!!!

Final Fantasy+The Disney World=AWESOMENESS!!! Looky there, we did some math!

I remember my first encounter with Kingdom Hearts. I was watching the Disney Channel and happened to see an amazing behind the scenes making of Kingdom Hearts. I saw the familiar faces of certain Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) faces and several familiar Disney faces in various Disney worlds. I was immediately intrigued. I watched as the game developers brought to life many great Disney films from my youth and placed them into a video game. I knew that I had to have it! I couldn't wait for the release! When the day finally arrived, I went to the local store and bought it. I couldn't wait to get home to play it. I felt like a little girl that was visiting Disneyland for the first time. Ah, memories!

What separates this game from other Disney video games is that A) It's gorgeous. B) It's not your typical Disney game. (Think SNES/PSone era platformers). C) The soundtrack is beautiful. D) The graphics are phenomenal. They really harnessed the power of the PS2 and showed what a powerful console it was and continues to be. E) Sephiroth! Maleficent! Hades! Cloud! Squall! The Queen of Hearts! Need I say more? I could, but Sephiroth! Maleficent! Both in the same game? Yes please!

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Kingdom Hearts is the very first Action RPG that I played. I love the fact that it is not a typical turn-based fighting RPG. Players can run up on enemies and fight them, without having to set up the fight, like a typical Square RPG. There is magic and other goodies, but I will get to that.

Players start off with a tutorial to familiarize themselves with the games controls. Next, players have to make a couple of decisions before they advance to the first world Destiny Islands. The choices the players make in the beginning do have an impact on the gameplay, and the choices cannot be altered later on in the game, so my advice, choose wisely!

After the tutorial, as mentioned, players are put on Destiny Island. Here, there are a couple more decisions players make, but they determine the speed at which your character learns magic, and the speed of the game. After the choices are made, the story unfolds.

You play as a young boy named Sora, voiced by Haley Joel Osment, you know, the kid that sees dead people? Him! He is on this island with his friends Riku and Kairi. A couple of other FF characters are there too, but I'll leave that as a surprise. The three friends want to leave the island because they know there are more worlds out there, there has to be, right? They are preparing for their trip, so Sora has to collect items that are randomly placed throughout the island. He does that for a couple of days. On the night before the trio plans to leave, there is a storm that brings about darkness and heartless. Oh, and a magical Keyblade falls mysteriously into hands.

The Darkside, which Sora will eventually fight, twice, looks like a shadow version of Michael Jackson. Ja'mon! Whoo-hoo! See for yourself:

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Eventually, Sora makes his way to an already familiar hole in a tree, and the story really unfolds. Sora is whisked away to Traverse Town and separated from Riku and Kairi. In Traverse Town, Donald Duck and Goofy are looking for the bearer of the Keyblade. Anywhoo, they eventually meet up, and the power of the Keyblade is explained to Sora. After Donald, Goofy, and Sora agree to team up, they head to their Gummi Ship and embark onto new worlds. (I couldn't help but have the song "A Whole New World" pop into my head just now). 

Speaking of Gummi Ships, they are awesome! Chip and Dale, the little chipmunks, handle all things Gummi. But players fly through little worlds shooting at flying enemies and collect pieces to upgrade the Gummi Ship with. The little flying world eventually stops at the major worlds where players exit the Gummi Ship and continue with the story. *A word of advice, make sure, when you upgrade your Gummi Ship, you put the guns facing the right way, otherwise you won't be able to shoot forward, only backwards. That makes it difficult to navigate through the world. Learn from my mistake!!! 

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There are several Disney worlds to choose from. Here are a few worlds that are included in this masterpiece of a game: Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland), Atlantis (The Little Mermaid), Neverland (Peter Pan), Hallow Bastion (Beauty and the Beast), Hundred Acre Wood (Winnie the Pooh), Agrabah (Aladdin), and Monstro (Pinocchio). There are others, but I don't want to give them all away.

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I shall stop here Gamers! There is more to come on this phenomenal game next week!!! Stay Tuned!!! 

And as always, GET TO GAMING!!! 

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