Thursday, January 7, 2016

Over Top Fun

Hello Gamers!!! Gaming Queen here, and I have a treat for you. 

Today, I will be reviewing a NeoGeo AES game. Yes, the NeoGeo console is amazing! If you have never played one, I highly recommend that you try and get your gaming hands on one! If you can't afford one, there are plenty of emulators, which are free, and a large amount of games to play.

Over Top: Developed by ADK and Published by ADK, SNK.

Over Top is a top view racing game. The graphics are pretty rad, considering it was released in 1996. 

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The point of the game is to beat the clock to reach checkpoints so that you can continue racing. First you make your way through the city, then into the woods, then mountains, then through a desert, and then the finish line, which is back in the city. 

Racers can pick from several different types of vehicles, from big jeeps to sport cars, and everything in between. It's easy to fall into last place because sometimes the vehicle gets stuck grinding on some of the scenery. I couldn't tell that the scenery was capable of such bothersome annoyance. It seems pretty flat. Sadly, I fell victim to that several times, but it was still fun to play. 

There is an arrow that pops up to let you know when there is a turn coming up, and how the turn is. Some of the turns are simple, while others can be a bit complex to work as you race at top speeds. That's when the grinding against the scenery comes into play. You can also flip over is the turn isn't handled properly. 

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After the racer makes it to a checkpoint, time is added to the time that was depleted, while racing, and the car is controlled by the game for a few seconds as it makes it way to the next course. 

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There are also obstacles to jump over, especially in the desert course. 

Sadly, I have not finished a full race, so I personally cannot say how many races there are. But, the games is fun and frustrating, everything that a RetroGame needs to have! The music is generic, as are sound effects, but those are pretty minor complaints from my perspective.  I typically listen to other music when I get into hard-core gaming sessions. This would be a hell of a party game for those that like to play with friends. 

Overall: Great game, pretty good controls, awesome graphics, and generic music and sound effects. 

I give this game a ROCKIN' 8/10 stars!!! 

Now, Get to Gaming!!!! By order of the QUEEN!

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